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Have You Considered these options?

Have You Considered how you will approach the project? Planting in sunny spots requires plant species to be quite hardy as well as being fairly drought resistant. When selecting plants it is important to think about annual coverage as well as fruits or blooms. With this in mind we have put together a few examples of shrubs and perennials that thrive in sunny conditions. These are all low maintenance plants that will have foliage all year round and also flower once a year.

Sunny conditions

Have You Considered where the sun lands in relation to the garden and fence location? We select our plants carefully and designs can be drawn to suit your garden specifically. Our planting arrangements are generally used to draw inspiration from, being careful to plant in harmony with native species in surrounding areas also. Here are some examples of perennials and shrubs that thrive in sunny conditions.

Shaded areas of the garden

Have You Considered where you can plant in the garden? Planting in shaded areas doesn’t have to be difficult. there are many varieties of plants that thrive in shaded conditions. It is important to think of flowering varieties also as it is not only plants suited to sunny spots that produce fruit or flower. You needn’t just chooses an evergreen or perennial.

We generally plant out being mindful of whats around us so will often identify native species locally to coincide our planting, Here are a few varieties of shrubs and perennials to think about…

Have You Considered - Hedgehog HighwayHedgehog Highway

Creating boundaries that don’t exclude all! In recent years hedgehog numbers have been declining heavily and are now considered to be an endangered specie. Unfortunately, this is largely due to fencing being put in place of hedge rows. Hedgehogs often travel up to 1 mile a night in search of food and a mate so lets not get in their way! Please help keep hedgehogs mobile and hopefully we can see their numbers increase again in the near future! A Hedgehog Highway is the perfect solution!

Feel free to make any enquiries via our contact page, we would be happy to help. Buy a Highway Sign