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  • Specialist fencing installations offered to Ipswich and its surrounding villages.

    J.M All seasons are a family run company, based in Ipswich, providing all types of fencing installations as well as repairs.

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Services Offered

Fencing Specialist – Services Offered

J.M All Seasons Fencing specialists offer various services depending on the customers needs. We recommend getting in touch with us if you have any questions you cannot find answers to on the website.

Closeboard fencing

Fencing Specialist

This is also known as feather edge fencing. A hand built fence consisting of vertical posts and horizontal rails with feather boards tacked vertically onto the rails. It is quite common practice to install concrete gravel boards underneath the feather edge to help maintain levels and prevent decay of the boards. Closed board fencing can also be installed with concrete posts and rails bolted on to also maintain longevity of the fence life. A Decorative capping or trellis can be added to the top for a decorative finish also.

Available in any sizes between 3 and 6 ft tall. Closed board fencing can also be installed at any length and is ideal if there is obstacles on the boundary line you wish to avoid. You may also have a gradient you wish to follow without the need to stagger the fencing in level stages.

Pre- built closed board panels

Pre-Built Featherboard with Concrete Gravel Boards - Fencing SpecialistClosed board is also available in pre-built panels, this is still classed as fencing. These panels are made the same as traditional closed board fencing but in 1.8 m panels lengths to ensure strength of the fence and ease of any maintenance at a later date should you choose. These can be cut to fit any size and are available in heights from 3-6 ft. These panels can be installed with wood or concrete posts and/or concrete gravel boards to maintain the life of the fence. 

Lap panel fencing

Lap Panel Fencing with Wooden Posts - Fencing Specialist

A strong, sturdy pre fabricated panel with 3″ top and bottom rail to counteract bowing. Available in sizes 3,4,5 and 6 ft tall.  These panels are manufactured at 1.8 m wide but can be cut to measure and fit any size requirement for your fencing project. These panels are the same each side so ideal if not wanting to choose a face side of the fence on your boundary.

Decorative panels and trellises

Fencing Specialist

We offer a wide range of decorative panels and trellises in assorted sizes. These are ideal if you a wanting to attain visibility throughout your outside space or when landscaping your garden. Take a look at our suppliers site for inspiration.

Paddock Fencing

Paddock Fencing

Paddock fencing made to measure, because we understand our clients have different needs, ideal for agricultural or grazing lands. A simple construction of vertical posts 4×4” wide with horizontal rails attached. Mesh or wire can also be installed or dug under to help ensure no ins or outs on the boundary line. Available in all heights up to 1.8m.



We install a wide variety of gates, These are available in different styles, these include framed and braced closed board gates, field gates and palisade/picket style gates.

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Garden Shed

We erect a wide variety of sheds and summerhouses too. Take a look at our suppliers site to see styles available. So, if you do not see something you would like, speak to us about our team of carpenters, who can build you something unique.

Decking & Landscape Foundations

Garden Decking

We can also offer a variety of landscape foundations. These include patios, block paving, decking and turfed areas. Please feel free to ask us about any landscaping ideas you may have.